Week 8

This week I practiced more ombre caligraphy. This time I made all of the words ombre. I think the hardest part about this was combining the colors since I wrote withe the lighter one first and then the darker one. The lighter colour would dry before I could put the darker colour on so it wouldn’t look correct. I realized that I can put more of the lighter colour to make them mix better.

Week 7

On the first week of genius hour I decided to learn how to learn caligraphy. Later on I realized that it was easier than I thought so I decided to make it more challenging. I learned how to do ombre caligraphy and also changed the type of pen I was using.

This was one of my first attempts at ombre caligraphy.

Week 6

Since Rachel’s birthday was this week, I decided to give her a birthday card with my calligraphy skills on the card.

“It looks very beautiful. I especially love the golden 13. The content inside is also extremely lovely. Thank you!”

-Rachel 2022

Week 4

This week, I am practing the last half of the alphbet. This part of the alphabet was a bit harder than last weeks. I think the letter “O” was probably the hardest letter to write because of the amount of times you need to change how much pressure you use.

Week 2-Reflection

This week i practiced writing some letters of the alphabet in caligraphy. caligraphy. I was surprised by the diffucutly of making lines thick and thin. Many times when I tried, it would look like regular cursive. One other thing that I had to learn was how to put together the fountain pen but it was fairly easy. Next time, I will probably put something under the paper I was writing on so I don’t stain my desk. My next steps will be practicing wrtiting different words and hopefully get better at making the lines thicker and thinner.

Week 1

This week, I started with basic strokes with fountain pens and brush pens. I found that brush pens are much easier to use than fountain pens. Both pens need a certain angle to have consistent thick and thin lines. If you hold brush pens too upright, they can become damaged.


For my genius hour project, I am going to learn how to do caligraphy.

The things I need are brush pens and markers. I already have these items so I won’t have to buy anything

Some things I will need to do to accomplish this are taking a class or watching people use brush pens on youtube. I might need help with where to put the pressure to make diffrent widths.

For the my presentation in February, I will probably make a video of me writing different things.

About Me

Hi! My name is Ariel and my birthday is in August. I am an 8th grader that lives in the capital city of Alberta. I have 2 siblings and I am the middle child. I really like Youtube and music.

My ideas for this Genius hour project is sewing, because I have a sewing machine that I never use. Another one of my ideas is photography. I think this would be a very fun idea.